The InVivoPlex®–Tumor Kit is provided for studies in xenograft tumor models with leaky vasculature where the EPR delivery mechanism is active.  Vascularization of tumors results in localization of the nucleic acid nanoparticle in tumor tissue by an EPR mechanism.  The design of the InVivoPlex®–Tumor nanoparticle enables delivery of nucleic acid activity into tumor tissue while minimizing activity in organs.  Effective tumor localization and avoidance of lung tissue can be evaluated easily with the small Kit using a reporter gene plasmid for expression, luciferase is recommended.  The resulting knowledge about specific parameters of the tumor model giving tumor selective gene delivery allows design of tumor growth inhibition and gene function studies in the selected tumor model using the large Kit.  The figure below is an example of EPR mediated delivery of luciferase plasmid nanoparticle in U-87 tumor model that shows tumor localized luciferase expression several fold higher than the expression in other organs.

Tumor selective activity of InVivoPlex®–Tumor Panel A: 200 uL dose tail vein InVivoPlex®-Tumor with 60 ug pCI-Luc to nude mice bearing U87 subcutaneous tumors, expression after 24 hr, normalized with total protein. Panel B: Ratio of tumor to lung expression, comparing non-targeted PEI to InVivoPlex® –Tumor (n=8).

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