Neovasculature Targeted RNAi Nanoparticles

The InVivoPlex®–cRGD reagent is designed for translation studies in murine models with neovasculature targeting.  Neovascularization of tumors, angiogenesis, is a well known phenomena and one clinically validated for therapeutic intervention.  The integrin targeting design of the InVivoPlex®–cRGD nanoparticle reagent enables delivery of nucleic acid activity to tumor neovasculature as well as nearby tumor tissue, while minimizing activity in organs.  Effective neovasculature tumor localization and avoidance of lung tissue can be evaluated easily using reporter gene plasmid expression, luciferase is recommended.  The resulting knowledge about specific parameters of the tumor model giving tumor selective gene delivery allows design of tumor growth inhibition and gene function studies in the selected tumor model using the InVivoPlex®–cRGD Kit. The figure below is an example of integrin targeted InVivoPlex®–cRGD mediated delivery of a clinically validated VEGF pathway siRNA in a subcutaneous U87MG tumor model that shows tumor growth inhibition comparable to that by a clinical antibody therapeutic for VEGF.


  • Simple to use kits form RNAi nanoparticles <100 nm, and stable for 1 week
  • Highly selective uptake by murine neovasculature, minimual lung uptake
  • Low toxicity and low levels of cytokine induction, minimizing off-target effects
  • Clinical relevance: multiple dose regimens, dose response, effect simulates targeted therapy
  • Delivers siRNA or miRNA oligonucleotides, plasmids, and combinations

Tumor Targeted, Therapeutic RNAi Nanoparticle Capabilities

  • Tumor Selectivity: Delivery is directed to neovasculature, away from organs
  • Repeat Dosing: Administer 3-7 times per week for multiple weeks
  • Dose Response: Evaluate dosages from 1 mg/kg/wk to 10 mg/kg/wk
  • Many Models: Many murine cancer models exhibit neovasculature active tumors
  • Multiple Cargos: siRNA, miRNA, plasmids, and combinations can be delivered

Tumor siRNA activity by co-delivery with plasmid. Mice bearing U87 tumors were treated i.v. with InVivoPlex™ –TUMOR with 40 ug pCI-Luc plasmid (yellow) versus 40 ug pCI-Luc plus 20 ug Qiagen All-Star negative control siRNA (green) or 20 ug anti-Luc siRNA (red). n=8

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