InVivoPlex® (IVP)

Catalogue Number Description Price
IVP-T- S InVivoPlex®–Tumor Kit Small (540 ug) $645
IVP-T- M InVivoPlex®–Tumor Kit Small (720 ug) $755
IVP-T-L InVivoPlex®–Tumor Kit Small (900 ug) $895
IVP-R- S InVivoPlex®–cRGD Kit Small (540 ug) $785
IVP-R- M InVivoPlex®–cRGD Kit Small (720 ug) $915
IVP-R-L InVivoPlex®–cRGD Kit Small (900 ug) $1,075

InVitroPlex™ (IVTP)

Catalogue Number Description Price
IVTP-Ex-001 InVitroPlex Express (0.5 ml) $97
IVTP-Ex-002 InVitroPlex Express (2 ml) $347
IVTP-Ex-003 InVitroPlex Express (10 ml) $1,487
IVTP-ExAd-001 InVitroPlex Express Adherent (0.5 ml) $127
IVTP-ExAd-002 InVitroPlex Express Adherent (2 ml) $427
IVTP-ExAd-003 InVitroPlex Express Adherent (10ml) $1,887
IVTP-ExPa-001 InVitroPlex Express Parasite (0.5 ml) $189
IVTP-ExPa-002 InVitroPlex Express (Parasite 2 ml) $687
IVTP-ExPa-003 InVitroPlex Express Parasite (10 ml) $3,127
IVTP-EnBu-001 InVitroPlex Express Enhancing Buffer (50 ml) $257

Accessory Products

Catalogue Number Description Price
IVT-O-Red InVivoTrak Oligo Red (540 ug) $795
IVT-O-NIR InVivoTrak Oligo NIR (540 ug) $845
IVA-NEG-S InVivoAct Negative Small (540 ug) $695
IVA-NEG-M InVivoAct Negative Medium (720 ug) $895
IVA-NEG-L InVivoAct Negative Large (900 ug) $1,045
IVA-hVEGF-S InVivoAct hVEGF siRNA Small (540 ug) $695
IVA-hVEGF-M InVivoAct hVEGF siRNA Medium (720 ug) $895
IVA-hVEGF-L InVivoAct hVEGF siRNA Large (900 ug) $1,045
IVA-mVEGFR2-S InVivoAct mVEGFR2 siRNA S (540 ug) $695
IVA-mVEGFR2-M InVivoAct mVEGFR2 siRNA M (720 ug) $895
IVA-mVEGFR2-L InVivoAct mVEGFR2 siRNA L (900 ug) $1,045
IVA-hEGFR-S InVivoAct hEGFR siRNA Small (540 ug) $695
IVA-hEGFR-M InVivoAct hEGFR siRNA Medium (720 ug) $895
IVA-hEGFR-L InVivoAct hEGFR siRNA Large (900 ug) $1,045
IVP-pLuc InVivoPlex Luciferase Vector (10 ug) $357

1 InVivoPlex® reagent kits are provided for use with different amounts of nucleic acid (not provided) to accommodate various animal group numbers.  InVitroPlexTM Express reagents are used at a ratio of 2 ul/ug nucleic acid.  The separate InVitroPlexTM Enhancing Buffer is the same amount provided in the 2 ml InVitroPlex kits.  For larger reagent amounts or animal studies, please contact us.

2 Price in US Dollars, does not include shipping.

3 InVivoTrakTM-Oligo is designed for use with IVP-T-S, to make labeled nanoparticles for testing EPR tumor uptake, and available with either red or near IR fluorescent labels.

4 InVivoActTM products are designed for use with the InVivoPlex® kits, providing negative and positive control RNAi treatment groups.

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The InVivoPlex-TUMOR kits supply buffers and NP forming reagent in a special mixing vial for 60ug dose RNAi per mouse, but experimental siRNA or plasmid to be delivered is not provided. For tumor uptake studies, InVivoPlex kits can be used with InVivoTrak fluorescent labeled agents with either red or near IR fluorescent labels. For negative or positive control treatment groups, InVivoPlex kits can be used with InVivoAct control RNAi. Ordering information for these accessory products is also provided.
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