Aparna Biosciences  Corp. has been awarded the following grants providing funding of greater than $1,800,000

National Institutes of Health Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants for development of:

  • “In vivo RNAi nanoparticle cancer gene function reagent”
  • “Hybrid synthetic targeted lenti-VLP nanoparticle for gene delivery”
  • “Dual antigen nanoparticle vaccine system for bacillus infectious disease”

State of Maryland:

  • MIPS Phase I, and Phase II  grants to Dr. A . James Mixson, Univ MD Baltimore for “Therapy of Candida with HK-fluconazole conjugates”
  • TEDCO MTTF Award for “Branched HK Polyamide (BHKP) Anti-fungal Therapeutic Development”
  • Maryland 2009 Nanobiotechnology Research and Industry Grant for  ”Targeted Anti-angiogenic siRNA nanoparticle to Treat Lung Cancer”

Montgomery County (Maryland):

  • Technology Growth Program grant to support product development and marketing