Research Services

AparnaBio’s broad experience and capabilities as well as its powerful biomedical nanotechnologies can be accessed through research services.  These services span a wide range of biomedical research needs, from preparation of custom peptide-polymer conjugates and nanoparticle preparations to performing elaborate biological studies in animal models of disease.  A particular area of strength is our services using AparnaBio’s unique reagents, such as mammalian cell production of biologics with a path to cGMP manufacturing using InVitroPlex™ Express Plus reagents or efficient therapeutic target research via RNAi gene function studies in murine disease models using InVivoPlex® reagents.  Many of these capabilities have been utilized as components of grant funded projects by academic and industry laboratories.  Please contact us for more information: call 1-888-770-2101 or email

Chemistry and Nanoparticle Research Services

  • Custom polyamide and conjugate synthesis, ligand targeted nanoparticles
  • Custom conventional nanoparticle preparation
  • Custom NEP™, sVLP and transfection reagent preparations
  • Nanoparticle physicochemistry evaluation

In Vitro Cell Culture and Benchtop Biology Services

  • Mammalian cell and virus preparation and maintenance
  • Immunohistochemistry image analysis quantification
  • InVitroPlex™ preparation of mammalian expressed proteins/biologics
  • ELISA and western blot assay development and use
  • Candidate RNAi or plasmid agent discovery and validation in vitro
  • Hybridoma preparation and screening to select mAb cell line

In Vivo Biology Services

  • Murine and rat animal model studies, including efficacy, safety and imaging
  • InVivoPlex® gene function translation studies in clinically relevant animal models: in vivo drug target discovery/validation/prioritization, evaluate multi-gene and/or gene-drug interactions, validate RNAi/gene therapeutics, etc.
  • Mice or rat immunization to characterize immune response or antibody discovery