AparnaBio is developing a portfolio of therapeutic candidates and biomedical research reagents based on our deep knowledge of nanoparticle therapeutics and powerful combination of tunable NanoElectroPlex™ technology with tissue selective Targeting. This unique capability has enabled rapid development of a therapeutic pipeline with preclinical proof of feasibility and a growing portfolio of research reagents including InVivoPlex® for in vivo research using plasmids and RNAi oligonucleotides.  We also have achieved a breakthrough vaccine technology using NanoElectroPlex™, providing highly versatile synthetic Virus-Like Particle (sVLP) vaccines, shown to produce a far stronger immune response by targeting dendritic cells and incorporation of designer adjuvants, sVLP. In addition, some NanoElectroPlex™ polymers have been found to exhibit potent, selective anti-microbial activity, being developed initially for Anti-fungal therapeutics against pathological species such as Candida, Aspergillus and Cryptococus responsible for life threatening invasive fungal infections.